Myofascial Release

Somatic bodywork that promotes healing on both a physical and energetic level

Frees-up tension 

Regulates trauma-related stress

Breaks the pain cycle

Physiological patterns can have negative affects upon the nervous system 

Are you frustrated because you want to feel more comfortable in your body?

I understand what it's like feel physically restricted.

I can take you through a process that will empower you to move through your discomfort.

I guide you to move instinctively

I coach you through involuntary movements, rather than move you through a series of stretches.

A session with me can re-sculpt your body, and

  • re-program the neural signals that cause chronic pain


  • undo the fight-flight-freeze response


  • re-sensitize your nervous system

I use a combination of

  • Myofascial release (MFR): a manual therapy that uses light, sustained pressure and gentle holds in order to relieve tension in the connective-tissue (fascia).

  • Cranial sacral therapy (CRT): a method that feels for movement of the fluids in the spine and cranium, which helps release tension in the central nervous system.

This method of Myofascial Release is not forced

This gentle method of MFR promotes a release of tension to happen organically—an innate way for the body to heal itself.

These videos show me following my client's self-corrective movements.


Myofascial Release is seemingly closer to energy work.


I listen to the body's tension patterns and follow them into unconscious movement.

Ask questions about MFR, or the treatment process.

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Begin to feel more regulated, pain free, and comfortable in your body.


"I'm eternally grateful to Brian and his unique ability to assist the body in releasing old patterns of trauma and pain."

Christy W.

"I have had a lot of bodywork done over the years, various massage techniques, Traegering, Rolfing, Feldenkrais and a host of others, and Brian really is in a class by himself."

Kip W.

"I worked with Brian over the summer, and he helped to release old patterns of holding tension in my hips, legs and shoulders, greatly improving my range of motion and relieving pain." 

Lakshmi P.

Restrictions in your body can worsen over time



Constant physical and emotional stress tightens the body, which squeezes the nerves.


Tension can become an embedded program.

There is potential for you to reverse negative programs and create new, healthier patterns in your body. 

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Pain Rehabilitation / Trauma Recovery / Embodiment 

Myofascial release therapist Brian Phillips