Myofascial Release
Somatic Bodywork

I help free-up space in your body 

Embodiment / Trauma Recovery / Pain Rehabilitation 

Patterns can have negative affects on the way we move 

  • Do you feel frustrated because you can't move your body the way you should?

  • I understand what it's like to feel limited by your body.

  • I can take you through a process that will empower you to move through your restrictions.

I guide you to move instinctively

  • I coach you through involuntary movements called "releases," rather than move you through a series of stretches.

A session with me can help re-pattern your cellular memory and 

  • Re-sensitize and awaken your body.


  • Regulate your nervous system from trauma-related stress.


  • Break the chronic pain cycle.



Couple Relaxing On Sofa

Pain Free

Enjoying Nature


I use a combination of

  • Myofascial release, an approach that uses slow and steady pressure along with sustained holds in order to soften the connective tissue called fascia.

  • Cranial sacral therapy, an approach that feels for movement of the fluids in the spine and cranium.

This method of myofascial release is not painful



(Other Methods)

Not Forced

(John Barnes Method)

1.  Watch the video titled Previous Session to see how myofascial release unwinds tension from the body. 

2.  Discuss your specific concerns by requesting a Phone consultation or call (760) 579-3772.

Myofascial release therapist Brian Phillips

In the video, I'm following my client's movements. This session was seemingly closer to energy work because of her continuous releases. (The eye mask was worn because the lights were bright for filming; mask is not worn during a regular treatment.)

Clients' transformations

Restrictions in your body increase over time


  • There is potential for you to experience positive physiological changes through receiving this work.