Brian Phillips  


Specialized Bodywork

Myofascial Release

Transform cellular memory within the tissues / Lessen pain signals / Move with ease 

Reset your body, Here's how

 1   Watch the video titled Previous

Session. This will give you an idea of the potential that myofascial release has.

 2   Get a free consultation or get scheduled. Myofascial release may be unfamiliar to you. I'm happy to answer questions and explain the process. 

 3   Receive treatment and enjoy the feeling of spaciousness. The oppressive patterns that restrict your body are melting away.  




"I worked with Brian over the summer, and he helped to release old patterns of holding tension in my hips, legs and shoulders, greatly improving my range of motion and relieving pain.  Highly recommended!"

                                                                                                                                 -- Lakshmi P.

"Two sessions with Brian had an amazing effect on me. I don't experience nearly as much chronic pain nor is my walking as severely impacted as it was.

His technique reveals to me a real depth of understanding of the mechanics of movement, and his sensitivity, via his very light touch, to what is preventing my body from working the way it should is simply amazing."

                                                             -- Kip W.




"I'm eternally grateful to Brian and his unique ability to assist the body in releasing old patterns of trauma and pain. I came into his office with debilitating menstrual cramps and chronic pain I had lived with for most of my adult life. After my 4th session with him, I had my first pain-free cycle in years. I truly was not expecting such a profound healing of my mind, body and spirit. 


His intuitive ability to know where the body needs attention and his natural ability to make clients feel safe, provided the perfect space for healing trauma that had been stuck in my body since childhood. My body feels amazing, even months after working with him, and things that had been hidden from my consciousness came to the surface -- which shifted my life in ways I wasn't even expecting. I'm a completely different person than before I walked into his office."

                                                         --Christy W.

Brian Phillips, License #75389


This unique style of myofascial release is seemingly closer to energy work, as the video shows. This client's unwinding is involuntary; it's somatic reprograming which liberates her body.



I understand what it's like to be stuck within the stranglehold of constant tension. I can help you overcome your discomforts, and help you move energy by initiating unconscious movements that come from you; I follow your body as it releases. This creates a feeling of safety and calms your nervous system enough for you to self-heal. 



Lessen Pain Signals


Increase Range Of Motion


Transform Trauma