Brian Phillips L.M.T.

Brian Phillips, LMT provides a myofascial release treatment to improve range of motion in client's neck and shoulder.

In my search for the best method to treat chronic pain, I found myofascial release to be the most effective. Over time, I realized this work is more than just pain management. The ability for it to help heal trauma and bring awareness to the body is increasingly remarkable. Myofascial release compliments other therapies, such as EMDR, psychotherapy, and chiropractic; also wellness practices, such as breathwork, yoga, and meditation. 


LIC. #75389. Credentials: L.M.T., Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA. Certifications in myofascial release taught by John F. Barnes.

Myofascial Release is for anyone

  • Myofascial release is a safe method to use with all ages.

  • Your body will never unconsciously move into positions that will injure you.

  • You don't need to have an ailment to receive this work.

  • Anyone who wants to feel more spacious in their body will benefit from a session.

  • There is a host of conditions that myfofascial release treats, too many to list. 

  • If you are in any kind of discomfort, myofascial release can help.

Common issues that I treat


Neck Tension

Jaw Work / TMJ

Pinched Nerves

Chest Pain

Frozen Shoulder


SI Joint Pain 



 Stomach Pain

Uneven Hips

A treatment is right for you if you want to

  • Strengthen your sensory awareness.

  • Transform the cellular memory that causes the fight/flight/freeze response.

  • Re-program the neural signals that cause the chronic pain cycle. 

A treatment is not for you if

  • You are expecting a massage (this is like subtle physical therapy.)

  • You want deep tissue manipulation (my techniques are lighter.)

  • You are simply looking for temporary relief of symptoms rather than working on the cause. 

What to Expect on your first treatment

  • On your initial treatment we will use fifteen minutes to discuss your goals or concerns. It may include a postural analysis and orthopedic assessment.


  • Please wear shorts and a tank top, a swimsuit, or loose fitted paints that easily roll up.



This is fascia man.

Fascial Structure

The Fascial system covers the body from ...