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LIC. #75389


Credentials: L.M.T., Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA


Certifications in Myofascial Release taught by John F. Barnes P.T.

I explored different methods to treat chronic pain and I found Myofascial Release (MFR) to be the most effective. Over time I realized that MFR is much more than just a means for pain rehabilitation.

The capacity of MFR to heal trauma is increasingly remarkable. Whether it's physical or emotional trauma, it seems a person's sufferings get subconsciously validated through this work, which creates real change.

There is an energetic component to MFR and some people are more sensitive to it than others. When space is freed-up in the connective-tissue (fascia) the nervous system flows unrestrictedly. The increased flow of energy can heighten a person's senses and cause involuntary movement or shaking.  

I'm fascinated by MFR. I choose not to advertise other services because I want people to experience this work, and not get distracted by multiple services. That being said, I customize treatments as long as I'm able to take clients through the process of MFR first. Significant progress is made through consecutive treatments. After someone has become increasingly responsive to MFR, I'm happy to then integrate other therapies.


People have different mindsets about this work: clinical, emotional, spiritual. The pathway to healing is not always straightforward. Assisting people through their healing processes has changed my perception of how healing occurs—radically.   

This is fascia man.

Fascial Structure

The Fascial system covers the body from ...