Brian Phillips L.M.T.

Brian Phillips, LMT provides a myofascial release treatment to improve range of motion in client's neck and shoulder.

In my search for an effective method to treat chronic pain, I chose myofascial release as my specialty.

I collaborate with an acupuncturist so clients have additional support if needed. 


Credentials: L.M.T. from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA., with ongoing certifications in myofascial release taught by John F. Barnes.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a gentle technique that is safe for all ages. I encourage movement by the client rather than moving the client manually. These instinctual movements are successful in breaking the chronic pain cycle because they reprogram the nervous system. 



Neck Tension

Cervical Injuries


Scar Tissue

Frozen Shoulder

Postural Imbalances



Back Pain


Sacral Pain

Myofascial Release is for you if

  • You feel you are barely surviving emotionally and/or physically from your discomfort

  • You have not recovered from an injury or surgery

  • You have seen multiple doctors and are upset/confused with your diagnosis

Myofascial Release is not for you if

  • You are expecting myofascial release to be like massage (it is not)

  • You believe deep pressure is the only way to get relief

  • You are looking for temporary relief of symptoms as opposed to finding/fixing the cause

What to Expect

An Initial evaluation addresses your concerns and goals, and may include a postural analysis and orthopedic assessment.


Convenient clothing options: underwear, bra, shorts, tank top, or loose fitted clothing. 

This is fascia man.


The Fascial system covers the body from ...